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Metal Roofing in Fort Atkinson, WI

We can offer Fort Atkinson a lifetime warranty steel roofing option through Menards. Fort Atkinson steel roofs are available in a variety of colors and styles from Menards®. This includes various metal panel colors, ridge cap styles, and even matching trim. Steel is an ideal option for homeowners who want to upgrade their Fort Atkinson home’s curb appeal with a stylish look that will last. There are many benefits of a Fort Atkinson steel roof:

  • 200 MPH Wind Resistance: Properly installed steel will survive devastating winds

  • Durability: Steel roofing has superior hail resistance (Class 4). Shingles are often replaced every 10-15 years. Our residential steel roofing panels will provide years of maintenance-free service life way beyond any shingle. Hail and windstorms destroy shingles but struggle to damage our hard steel panels

  • Energy Efficiency: Most conventional roofing materials absorb energy from the sun. Our residential steel roofing reflects most of the sun’s rays, which keeps your Fort Atkinson attic space and living spaces cooler and saves you money. This can save you up to 40% in summer cooling costs according to the Cool Metal Roofing Association

  • Insurance Savings: Many insurance companies will allow discounts for Fort Atkinson homeowners who have steel roofing due to the superior protection against hail, wind, and fire

  • Fast Installation: Steel panels cover large areas fast

  • Versatility: Our steel can be installed on your Fort Atkinson roof sheathing or over existing shingles. By using our residential steel roofing, labor costs are minimized when a continuous sheet of steel is installed from the peak to the eave

  • Add Value: Our steel roofing is one of the top materials used for improving the value of your Fort Atkinson home. Studies show steel roofing increases the value of most Fort Atkinson homes.

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You can also coordinate the color of your steel roof with the siding of your home for an attractive exterior. Menards® carries a wide selection of steel roofing, ensuring that you can find the perfect fit for your home with our BIG selection of exclusive products. You can even visualize your steel roof with our Design Studio. Our Residential Steel Roofing is available in 24 colors + Copper Colored in lifetime products.

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