Bathroom Remodeling Kenosha

Bathroom Remodeling

Kenosha Bathroom Remodels

If your Kenosha bathroom is in need of a refresh, then you can call the experts at Advanced Construction of Janesville to help make your design dreams come true. Our term of bathroom remodeling pros can help you with:

  • New cabinet installations and remodels

  • Sink and faucet remodels

  • Shower remodeling and door replacement

  • Replacement showers and bathtubs

  • New flooring installation

  • New vanity installation

  • New bathroom acrylic liners

Our Team of Pros is Here to Help, Kenosha

We know a Kenosha bathroom remodel can be an overwhelming task. You can put your trust in Advanced Construction of Janesville to take care of your Kenosha bathroom renovation because we’ve been through the remodeling process countless times. We can help bring your ideas to life with a Kenosha bathroom remodel.

At Advanced Construction of Janesville, we design remodeling projects for your specific budget. We know, no matter the investment in your home, it’s significant to you.

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